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Founded in 1827 at the very end of the Western & Atlantic railroad line, Atlanta, Georgia is known for its rich history and diverse culture. While some die-hard southerners view the city as the "heart of the Old Confederacy," Atlanta has since become a shining example of "the New South."

While the bustling cityscape is one reason that students consider attending a technical school in Atlanta, the fact that 19 schools cater to a variety of professions and trades makes it an appealing choice for those just beginning their search.

Top Industries in Atlanta

Since the population of Atlanta, Georgia is continuing to grow; it comes as no surprise that the construction is a booming industry. Some of the other top industries in the city include:

Some of the most sought after vocational careers include:

Why is Atlanta Good for Trade and Vocational Students?

As the city continues to grow, there is a much higher need for vocational students that are willing to go into a variety of different trades. Whether you are looking for a full 2-year associate degree program or a certificate in a specific trade, Atlanta's vocational and trade schools provide students with plenty of options to choose from.

Trade Schools in Atlanta

Sr No.College NameSchool Website
1Atlanta Technical
2Aviation Institute of
4Altierus Career
5Empire Beauty
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