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Business degrees are among the most flexible education programs available. They teach skills that can be used across virtually all industries and in companies both large and small.

While a Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is often considered the gold standard of business programs, you don't have to spend years in school to get a good job. Some business and accounting programs can be completed in two years or less and lead to positions such those of bookkeepers, administrative assistants, store managers and business owners.

Whether you study on campus or earn an online business administration degree, your coursework could include instruction in management, marketing, business ethics and personal finance. After graduation, you can enter the workforce in an entry level position, or you may decide to transfer your credits toward a bachelor's degree.

What Are Business and Accounting Specializations?

You'll find many business administration schools offer specialized programs of study. These may be ideal for those who know they want to work in a specific occupation. Other students may benefit from a general business administration degree which teaches skills that can be used in a number of jobs.


If you love numbers, accounting may be the perfect specialization for you. A typical accounting degree program has a curriculum focused on math, computer skills and spreadsheets. After graduation, students with an accounting associate's degree may work as bookkeepers, accounting clerks or auditing clerks.

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Marketing programs teach students how to position products and services for sale, develop branding messages and overcome customer objections. Traditional and online marketing degrees may also delve into legal and ethical considerations for marketers. Entry-level positions in the field include sales support specialists and advertising sales agents.

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Administrative Assistant

Some business schools have programs designed for those who want to work as administrative assistants, executive assistants or other support staff. Other workers in this occupation may graduate from a more general degree program. Learn more about administrative assistant programs; either way, administrative assistants need to gain skills such as computing, office administration and records management to be effective in their jobs.

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A general business degree program can cover a range of topics including management, marketing, accounting and human resources. Graduates can work in banking, finance or sales. These degrees can also be a good choice for entrepreneurs since they provide an introduction to a variety of business topics. You'll find these programs at both traditional and online business schools.

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What Are Educational Requirements for Business and Accounting Jobs?

Business careers are diverse and so are their education requirements. Some jobs require a bachelor's degree but others only need short-term training. With the popularity of online business schools, some students choose to start with a certificate or associate degree in business administration. Once they have found a job, they may take online courses to continue their education and advance their career.


A certificate program in business may be completed in less than a year. Undergraduate programs are intended to provide a foundation in the principles of business and management. Graduate certificates offered by some business schools let those who already have a degree learn about specific aspects of the field, such as marketing or management.

Associate Degrees:

A two-year associate degree is a common level of education for jobs such as administrative assistants, bookkeepers and sales representatives. You can earn a business associates degree online, and these programs may allow students to elect a concentration or choose a general curriculum.

Bachelor's Degrees:

Those who earn a four-year degree may find more job opportunities after graduation. Accountants, purchasing managers and financial analysts are a few of the business jobs that typically require a bachelor's degree.

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