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As part of the New York metropolitan area, Jersey City, N.J., has the advantages of living in New York City at a much more affordable price. Jersey City is home to over 200,000 people and has a rapidly growing economy. Like New York City across the river, Jersey City is known for its booming financial industry, with some even calling it "Wall Street West." With more than a dozen trade schools in the city and even more within commuting distance, Jersey City can be a great place for vocational students to learn their craft.

Top Employers and Industries in Jersey City

Because of the city's proximity to Wall Street, more and more companies are moving their offices across the river to Jersey City. Jersey City is home to branches of JP Morgan Chase Bank, Goldman Sachs, and UBS Financial Services. Some of the city's other top employers include Bayonne Hospital, Hoboken University Medical Center, and various development companies and contractors. Thanks to these huge companies, some of the highest-paying, fastest-growing industries in Jersey City include:

Trade Schools and Vocational Programs in Jersey City

Jersey City has numerous programs to provide training for employees interested in working in healthcare, construction, and financial services. These programs are close to home and offer financial aid assistance to help students afford the cost of classes:

  • Berkeley College has several campuses in New Jersey and offers programs in everything from Business Administration, Financial Services, Nursing, Cosmetology and more.
  • Eastern International College specializes in preparing students for careers as dental hygienists, medical assistants, and nurses through expert healthcare training.

Vocational training is affordable, interesting, and conveniently located for those in Jersey City. Improve your job prospects without paying through the nose for an expensive degree by attending a trade school. Read more about how professional training can benefit you by visiting other pages on our site.

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