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In 1666, the Puritans settled Newark for its location on the Passaic River. Ever since the Puritans arrived, Newark has been used as one of the East Coast's primary transportation hubs. Today, Newark is home to an international airport and one of the Northeast's major seaports. Additionally, the city is only a short train ride away from the heart of Manhattan. Thanks to its great location, the city of Newark, NJ has all the advantages of living in New York at a much more affordable price and a booming economy.

Living in Newark has its advantages, no matter what type of work you do. However, Newark is an especially good city for vocational students thanks to the type of industries in the city and its number of trade schools.

Top Industries and Employers in Newark

As Newark's economy develops and more companies are drawn to the area's (relatively) low rent prices, employees with professional skills are in high demand. Newark is home to some huge corporations, including Prudential Financial, Panasonic Corporation of North America, Gateway Group One (which provides security services), Newark Airport and various logistics companies.

As such, some of the fastest-growing industries in the city are:

Why is Newark Good for Trade and Vocational Students?

In addition to the area's high demand for skilled workers, Newark is a great city for trade students thanks to the many trade schools in the city. Jumpstart your transition to one of the highest-paying careers in the area by checking out the following programs:

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology offers professional development programs across various fields. From computer science to health care, students at NJIT can choose their desired field and specialize.
  • Gateway Group One is one of the largest companies in the area. This company also provides prospective employees with educational opportunities, such as frontline services training and certification and airport operations training.

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