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Department of Education - New Mexico

With a thriving tourism industry, significant industrial output and high demand for healthcare services, New Mexico offers strong prospects for vocational school graduates.

Tourism -- New Mexico's natural beauty and Native American heritage attract many visitors. Art students will find themselves at home in Santa Fe, home of Georgia O'Keeffe. Graduates of the gaming and travel programs available at many New Mexico vocational schools can expect strong opportunities, especially in popular tourist destinations like Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Manufacturing -- Albuquerque is the state's industrial hub. The Federal government invests heavily in the defense industry, providing a quarter of the state's jobs. This is good news for New Mexico technical school students headed for careers in aircraft, machining and other technical fields.

Healthcare -- New Mexico's warm weather and health-conscious mentality attract a high percentage of retirees. Medical assistants and personal caregivers can expect the great demand

New Mexico's technical school students can count on a vibrant educational environment and strong job prospects.

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