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The city of Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, and a great place for students interested in pursuing the vocational or trade school route after high school. The city is also known for its phenomenal art, numerous sculptures, and historic monuments. Residents will also find array of parks and natural areas, plenty of cultural flair, and a bustling nightlife.

To learn more about the local economy and one of the trade schools in Philadelphia, we reached out to Wendy-Anne Johnson, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Career Center/Computer Technology Institute of Philadelphia.

What are the industries to check out in Philadelphia?

Check out the health care, education, business services, and hospitality industries. These industries have the highest levels of growth (all over 10 percent) since 2007. Metropolitan Career Center (MCC) and its career and vocational college, Computer Technology Institute (CTI) prepares students for entry-level positions in most of these industries. MCC provides basic work readiness education and industry certifications that prepare participants for entry level jobs in the health care and hospitality industries. CTI offers three associate degrees in information technology (IT) with majors in Computer Support Specialist, Software, and Web Design; and a diploma in Health Information Technology (HIT) preparing participants for family sustaining wage jobs in health care and business services. MCC and CTI help participants see their career pathways and their earning potential.

Which industries are growing in Philadelphia?

I am not aware of specific growth target areas. However, growth is expected to continue in:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Business services
  • Hospitality

Why would you recommend someone move to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has experienced significant growth in employment opportunities. There are more people employed and more people in the labor force than before the recession. Unemployment levels are still not back to pre-recession levels, but continue to decline.

What unique vocational programs does your school offer?

MCC and CTI:

  • Offer a supportive learning environment helping students reduce the barriers of transportation, child care, housing, etc. that could affect their participation in their educational programs.
  • Offer a small, personalized learning environment to ensure that no student "falls between the cracks." Graduates consistently praise staff for the level of support that they provide.
  • Offer externships to provide students practical experience in their field of study prior to employment
  • Provide employment assistance helping students with their search, interviews, and employment placement
  • Provide a continuum of education such that participants receiving MCC's work ready training can move seamlessly into CTI college level programs preparing them for advanced employment opportunities
  • Successfully prepare even the most vulnerable students for family sustaining careers and economic independence.

With funding from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, MCC is part of a six-city national pilot project with a goal to help low-income, working parents receive training and supports to help them move up the economic ladder. This is a great time for workers looking to advance their careers in the information technology and health information technology fields to seek education and training through MCC and CTI.

About the Expert

Wendy-Anne Johnson is an Executive Director of the Metropolitan Career Center/Computer Technology Institute of Philadelphia.

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Total Population1,569,657

Education and Earnings

# Enrolled in College101,681
Median Earnings Without High School Degree$20,361
Median Earnings With High School Degree$27,738
Median Earnings With Associate Degree$33,001


Average Commute Time33 minutes
% Commutes by Walking8.3%
% Commutes by Bicycle2.1%
% Commutes by Public Transportation25.3%


Median Housing Cost$943
Median Gross Rent$970
Median House Value$151,500
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