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Tulsa's Trade Schools Have a Lot to Offer

With an estimated population of over 800,000, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the fastest growing job markets in the country, which is good news for graduates of its trade schools. Also good news: Its median household income of more than $57,000 is considerably higher than that for the U.S.

Tulsa's major industries are aerospace, which includes aerospace manufacturing and air transportation, health care, transportation, petroleum and natural gas, and architectural and structural metals manufacturing. With the Port of Catoosa, an inland port located here, the city is a natural hub for bulk shipping and telecommunications, making these strong industries also. Tulsa companies currently experiencing growth include sheet metal producer M&M Manufacturing, Meeks Group, a printing services company, Ameristar Fence Products; and Avansic, a digital forensics company that has recently doubled in size.

Because the fastest growing careers in Tulsa typically require formal training, graduates from Tulsa area vocational schools should find themselves ahead of the curve.

An Economic Snapshot of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The U.S. Census Bureau ranked Tulsa, OK 7th in economic growth, 10th in cost of living, 18th in job growth, and 23rd in low unemployment in its last survey. Forbes calls it the #2 Pay-Raise City, and the #1 mid-sized city for jobs. All of this is good news for graduates of the area's trade schools. Another benefit to earning a trade school degree or diploma is that Tulsa's cost of doing business is 10 percent below the national average, making it the ideal spot for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to locate here.

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