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Virginia Beach, where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, is a lively coastal city. Not only is Virginia Beach the home to flourishing culinary arts and entertainment scenes, it is also a place looking for workers to fit in a variety of different vocational and trade roles. The economy in this city revolves around the U.S. military and tourism sectors, but that doesn't mean that other industries aren't represented as well.

Top Industries and Employers in Virginia Beach

Since tourism is such a central part of the city's economy, some of the top industries include:

If you are looking to attend trade schools in Virginia Beach, you have ample opportunity to find work in these given industries, especially as the city continues its steady growth and continues to focus on increasing its tourism rate.

When it comes to some of the high-paying vocational careers in the Virginia Beach area, however, health services looks to be the path to choose. Virginia Beach vocational schools that have programs in the following areas are highly sought after:

Other trades worth investigating for higher pay include:

Why Is Virginia Beach Good for Trade and Vocational Students?

Attending technical schools in Virginia Beach may offer you a vast variety of options when it comes to earning a certificate or associate degree. Whether you are looking for something in automotive or business administration, health services or CAD work, there is something for everyone. A few options for those looking for vocational schools in Virginia Beach include:

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Total Population450,135

Education and Earnings

# Enrolled in College28,741
Median Earnings Without High School Degree$25,950
Median Earnings With High School Degree$33,477
Median Earnings With Associate Degree$38,541


Average Commute Time24 minutes
% Commutes by Walking2.7%
% Commutes by Bicycle0.5%
% Commutes by Public Transportation0.9%


Median Housing Cost$1,443
Median Gross Rent$1,339
Median House Value$274,300
Source: American Community Survey, 2018, U.S. Census Bureau,
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