Culinary Schools in Texas

With an estimated population of 24,782,302 people in 2009, Texas is a large state, and a state with many culinary field options. To become a professional chef or cook in Texas, post-secondary education in the form of an associate's degree or certificate from an accredited culinary program is required. But don't worry--in Texas, you have the opportunity to attend one of the many culinary schools the state has to offer. Studying in some of Texas' larger cities such as Houston or Austin, culinary schools in Texas provide you with the essential skills and experience necessary to break into the culinary field. Texas schools in the culinary arts are designed to teach you all the aspects of being a professional chef or cook, with courses in the following:

  • Business management
  • Kitchen management
  • Communications and marketing
  • History of culinary arts

Culinary Artistry

But Texas schools in the culinary arts don't just teach the basics to cooking and food preparation. Professionals at these schools plan to prepare you to understand the creative artistry of food with hands-on training and externships. As a professional chef or cook in Texas, you are also an artist. The culinary training you receive at a culinary school in Texas teaches you to add that special flair to your culinary delights--the special "something" which can make your dishes rise above the rest. This creative style is essential to pursue and advance your culinary career.

In 2009, there were an estimated 5,950 chefs and head cooks in Texas, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The mean annual salary for these workers was $39,760 in 2009. The job outlook for professional chefs and cooks in Texas is expected to be good through 2018, and workers with good business skills should have better job prospects, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Texas Culinary Schools