Arts Schools in Arts & Design Schools in Tennessee, Tennessee

An arts and design degree in Tennessee can include a range of subjects, including graphic design, fashion design, interior design, and video game art. For graduates of an accredited Tennessee career training program, larger cities like Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville may provide the most career options. Nonprofit organizations like the East Tennessee Community Design Center offer support and networking opportunities for architects and interior designers.

Tennessee Design Schools & Career Outlook

Salary.com reports that graphic design specialists in Memphis, Tennessee earn $43,500 on average. Entry-level Web designers can earn anywhere between $38,200 and $50,200, while entry-level interior designers can earn between $29,400 and $42,000. Though no career training program can guarantee a particular salary or career, arts and design programs help to provide students with an educational foundation they can use to build their portfolios and boost their resumes.
Vocational Schools in Arts & Design Schools in Tennessee, Tennessee