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In Cleveland, Ohio, trade schools work overtime to produce qualified professionals and technicians who can satisfy demand for cheaper, more reliable consumer products and machinery. Trade and vocational school classic degree, diploma, and certificate program choices like mechanics, engineering, machinery maintenance, automotive design, engine technology, and manufacturing science still represent some of the more popular paths. Of the ten or so major industry sectors, education, health, and hospitality have witnessed the most significant recent growth. Trade and technical schools specializing in nursing, catering, massage therapy, dining, hotel management, medical billing, teaching, and health insurance should offer some of the best opportunities for long-term job security and upward mobility in Cleveland, OH.

Below is a breakdown of industries in Cleveland:

  • Leisure and Hospitality. 92,400 jobs
  • Professional and Business Services. 132,800 jobs
  • Government. 141,600 jobs
  • Manufacturing. 151,900 jobs
  • Educational and Health Services. 164,700 jobs
  • Trade, Transportation, and Utilities. 200,100 jobs

The Economy: Cleveland's Past and Your Future

True to its roots, Cleveland, Ohio remains one of the major workhorses of America's manufacturing and production industries. For more than 150 years, the city has helped bridge the gap between the East's coal and steel centers and the Midwest's heavy industry facilities. Polymers, automobiles, rail, defense, electronics, and aviation help explain why more than 350,000 of Cleveland's greater metro population of 2.5 million are involved with manufacturing and transportation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights some of the more promising median salary ranges for health and hospitality-related vocational jobs in the Cleveland metropolitan area:

  • Registered Nurses at $29.31
  • Physician Assistants at $38.01
  • Food Service Managers at $20.63
  • Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists at $24.61
  • Dental Hygienists at $29.08
  • Chefs and Head Cooks at $18.74
  • Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians at $23.75

Many of the region's industries have flourished in recent years, allowing Cleveland to better navigate the current economic downturn. Healthcare, utilities, insurance, and finance are emerging as dominant sectors, producing over 300,000 positions for qualified graduates of trade schools in these specific areas.

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Total Population 388,812

Education and Earnings

# Enrolled in College 22,134
Median Earnings Without High School Degree $16,962
Median Earnings With High School Degree $23,997
Median Earnings With Associate Degree $27,194


Average Commute Time 24 minutes
% Commutes by Walking 5.1%
% Commutes by Bicycle 0.6%
% Commutes by Public Transportation 10.1%


Median Housing Cost $689
Median Gross Rent $678
Median House Value $67,600
Source: American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau, 2017, www.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/.
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