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As the populace ages, the nation's capital is likely to feel the impact of increasing numbers of elderly. One of the five fastest-growing healthcare occupations in Washington, DC is home health aide. In addition to geriatric care, many other careers in healthcare are expected to experience growth in the next five to seven years. Registered nurses are expected to experience the greatest shortages in the coming years, even with the number of new registered nursing jobs projected to increase by over 11,000 between 2002 and 2010 in DC. Many other healthcare occupations, including medial administration and technology, should also experience growth.

Washington, DC Healthcare Training

Certain healthcare positions require specialized training or degrees. Many colleges and universities offer degrees in healthcare-related fields that can help get you started in a healthcare career. If you're already working in healthcare, formal education and training may also help you to advance in the healthcare industry. DC's growing healthcare sector offers many career opportunities, running the gamut from administrative to clinical positions. Depending on your interests, work preferences, and goals, you might just find the appropriate degree for you.

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