Welding Schools in Welding Schools in Louisiana, Louisiana

Construction is a booming industry in Louisiana, which continues to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Associations such as the Louisiana Department of Labor, FEMA, and local rebuilding organizations are employing many available contractors and construction workers in the area. Welders play an important part in the area's rebuilding process, working in residential and commercial zones.

Job Prospects for Louisiana Welders

Graduates of welding career training program in Louisiana might find the best career options with the above organizations, or in large cities such as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. Salary.com reports that entry-level welders in New Orleans earn $35,700 on average. More experienced welders may earn anywhere between $42,800 and $56,200. No career training program can guarantee a particular career or salary, but contractors in the field generally prefer or require prior training or experience.
Vocational Schools in Welding Schools in Louisiana, Louisiana