Electronics Schools in Georgia

Georgia is home to plenty of new construction projects, like the Georgia Museum of Art's new Study Centers in the Humanities. To skilled Georgia laborers like HVAC technicians and electricians, projects like these mean more overall growth and a steady income. Career training classes in electronics and HVAC maintenance prepare students for work in the Georgia construction industry.

Georgia HVAC Jobs & Salaries

Salary.com reports that entry-level HVAC technicians in Atlanta earn $38,800 on average, while more experienced technicians earn between $45,500 and $58,000. Entry-level Atlanta electricians earn $40,000 to $50,500 depending on experience. Although no career training program can guarantee a career or a salary, hiring managers in these skilled occupations generally prefer candidates with training or experience.

Georgia Electronics Schools
List of other Electronics schools in Georgia
Gwinnett College of Business, 4230 Hwy 29, Ste.11, Lilburn30247, Tel.404-381-7200


Interactive Learning Systems, 5600 Roswell Rd., Atlanta30342, Tel.404-843-0014


Massey College of Business & Technology, Lenox Ctr.,3355 Lenox Rd., Atlanta 30326, Tel.404-816-4533


Professional Career Development Institute, 3597 ParkwayLane. Ste.100, Norcross 30092, Tel.404-729-8400


Southeast Lineman College, P.O. Box 100, Rising Fawn 30738,Tel. 706-657-3792