Plumber Schools in Florida

Plumbers work in residential and commercial settings to install, repair, and maintain water and septic systems. Most communities require plumbers to be licensed, and plumbers often choose to complete local career training programs. In Florida, plumbers may find the best career prospects in larger cities such as Jacksonville and Miami.

Florida Plumbing Jobs

Plumbers practice a highly valued trade: Salary.com reports that entry-level plumbers in Jacksonville earn $36,100 per year on average, while more experienced plumbers may earn between $42,000 and $53,200. Salaries are highly dependent on skills and education, and while no career training program can guarantee a career or salary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends a formal career training program for this skilled trade.
Florida Plumber Schools
List of other plumber schools in Florida
Recreational Vehicle Service Academy, 1012 10th. St East, Palmetto 34221, Tel.941-722-5256