Melbourne Trade Schools and Vocational Programs

Melbourne, Fla., combines the advantages of a smaller city with that of a sprawling metropolis. Melbourne is famous for its surfing, downtown area, and year-round sunny weather. With its affordable living costs and thriving local businesses, Melbourne is also home to a thriving local economy. Thanks to the numerous trade schools in the city, Melbourne could be a wonderful place for vocational students and trade professionals to live, work, and play.

Top Employers and Industries in Melbourne

Thanks to the region's many scientific and technical corporations, skilled employees are in high demand in Melbourne. Some of the biggest companies in Melbourne include the Harris Corporation (a telecommunications equipment manufacturer) and Wuesthoff Health System. Melbourne is also known as North America's space technology hub and is part of the appropriately nicknamed "Space Coast." As a result of the region's high demand for technical and scientific jobs, some of the fastest-growing, top industries in Melbourne are:

Vocational Training in Melbourne

Melbourne residents have access to more than ten highly rated vocation schools. These schools might provide the training needed for those looking to get one of the highest-paying careers in the region:

  • Alterius Career College offers online certifications and classes for pharmacists, lab assistants, and technicians.
  • Eastern Florida State College has bachelors, associates, and certificate programs in Computer Science & Information Technology. This institution also has courses to help students prepare for Computer IT Industry Certification Tests, an industry standard.
  • The Florida Institute of Technology offers an Associate of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

By attending a trade or vocational school, you can get your dream job in a high-paying industry without breaking the bank to finance your education. Melbourne residents are ideally located near many highly rated trade schools. Jumpstart your career by exploring our website and learning how trade school can work for you!


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