Computer Technology Schools in Delaware

Delaware is home to two Fortune 500 companies--chemical giants DuPont and Hercules, both based out of Wilmington, the state capital. Wilmington is Delaware's largest city, followed by Dover and Newark. IT career training programs in cities like Wilmington offer degrees in computer networking, accounting and information systems, and information technology management, among others.

Delaware's IT Career Outlook

The IT industry has remained relatively stable in Delaware since 2005, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and statewide unemployment is lower than the national average. According to Salary.com, average Delaware salaries for entry-level data architects are $59,900 a year. Help desk support assistants earn around $41,000, and entry-level software engineers average $57,200. No career training program can guarantee a particular career or salary, but with IT careers in high demand, career training and education can enrich any resume.

Delaware Computer Technology Schools
List of other computer-technology schools in Delaware
Professional Staffing Associates, Inc., 919 Market St.,Ste.505, Wilmington 19801, Tel.302-652-3519

Star Technical Institute, Graystone Plaza, 631 W. NewportPike, Wilmington 19804, Tel.302-999-7827