Vocational and Trade

We believe that real work matters, and that includes vocational and skilled trade jobs. Get the latest information on trends in vocational education in the U.S., including salary data, educational requirements, school listings, and more.

By Karen Lawson

Rapid development in Nevada's harsh desert means career opportunities for HVAC specialists. You can complete HVAC training within a couple of years.

By Gabby Hyman

Nebraska's HVAC technical and trade schools can jumpstart a rewarding, lifelong vocation in the field.

By Austin Brentley

Licensed electricians will find lots of work this winter helping homeowners optimize their HVAC systems, even in the sunny South.

By Gabby Hyman

If you're looking for long-term job security in a fast-growing profession, Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) trade schools in Missouri can speed you into the workplace.

By Gabby Hyman

If you're interested in a trade that offers strong wages and long-term job security, consider entering a plumbing technology program at a California vocational school.