The information technology industry has more computing jobs than it has people. This can mean a lucrative career for you.

Why Study Information Technology in Arizona?

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We mostly take the Internet and all the services it provides for granted. In fact, the Internet is in a constant state of development, constantly changing thanks to new ideas from technology schools and companies all over the world. If you want a foot in the door of this dynamic industry, consider earning an IT degree in tech-savvy Arizona.

Information Technology Hardware and Software
Much of today's IT development concerns the networking and hardware that enables the Web, and we are not really aware of new technologies in a direct sense. However, we do become aware when it enables some new kinds of applications to be available to us, such as Gmail or YouTube.

These new developments do not happen in a vacuum. Although these new products seem to appear overnight, and are apparently a simple advance on present services, they are actually very complicated technical advancements, and require a great deal of investment in knowledge and people. Technology schools are constantly pressed to produce better graduates in order to supply the industry with IT technicians. Since innovation is outpacing the number of available employees, there is a worldwide shortage of candidates for information technology and computing jobs--which is good news for you!

Arizona is IT
In addition to its stunning natural beauty and high quality of life, Arizona offers a tech-savvy environment for its IT grads and employees. Its Government Information Technology Agency partners with public and private organizations to improve information technology capabilities throughout the state. Both major state universities have robust computing and IT departments that promote employment and research throughout the area. AMIT, the Aerospace, Manufacturing and Information Technology Cluster, is an umbrella organization that fosters cooperation among 800 companies in the Arizona area. Whether you head for Tucson, Phoenix or Flagstaff, Arizona is a great place to begin your information technology career.

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