If you're considering attending a trade or technical school to start your career in the fashion design field, it just makes sense to study in New York.

Attend Fashion Trade Schools in the Heart of the Industry

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New York is the home of the fashion industry. In 2004, two-thirds of all salaried fashion designers in America worked in either New York or California, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If you're hoping to join this exciting profession, why not attend a New York fashion trade school, where your training and internships will place you in the center of the action?

Fashion designers create the clothes and footwear sold worldwide by major retail chains, department stores, specialty shops, and private boutiques. They lead the fashion trade in creating designs for business clothing, casual wear, sportswear, formals, shoes, children's and maternity apparel, handbags, belts, eyewear and other accessories.

New York fashion trade and vocational schools now offer Associate of Applied Science degrees in fashion design and merchandising that can be completed in as little as 18 months. Programs typically involve internships with some of the major retailers and design companies in the fashion trade, allowing students to apply their skills while developing lifelong career contacts in the industry.

One New York fashion trade school reports that some of its graduates have found jobs with major retailers including Abercrombie, BCBG, Capelli, Cinzia Rocca, Eileen Fisher, Giorgio Armani, Kangol, L'Occitane, Neiman-Marcus, Nordstrom, and Ralph Lauren Childrenswear.

Fashioning Your New Career
The associate's degree programs at New York fashion trade schools offer flexible scheduling, so students can participate in internships prior to graduation. Classes provide in-depth vocational training in fashion marketing, trends, campaign development, fashion textiles and manufacturing techniques, computer-assisted design software, and more.

New York trade school classes also offer technical training in business practice, client relations, agency work, sewing, pattern drafting, textile buying, draping, business law, and design sketching.

Fashion employers are on the lookout for candidates with college degrees as well as internship experience. One out of four designers in the trade is self-employed. Since computer-aided design is rapidly becoming a norm in the industry, students who learn these technologies will have the vocational skills that employers seek.

Designers thrive on exploring trends and technical breakthroughs at fashion shows and trade expositions. New York is host to many of these annual and special events, giving local students a real advantage in keeping up with the trade. It just makes good sense to study the fashion trade in the Big Apple.

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