Business career trends may come and go, but professionals in the accounting vocations are rarely strapped for an abundance of job openings.

Accounting in the Corn Belt

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Business career trends may come and go, but professionals in the accounting vocations are rarely strapped for an abundance of job openings. In Nebraska, technical and trade schools are flourishing as office trades expand to keep commerce moving. Once the sole province of four-year colleges, today's degree and certificate programs in accounting and bookkeeping services are now offered at accelerated trade and vocational schools that prepare graduates for the workplace.

Trade schools in Omaha and Lincoln offer students career paths into the accounting fields through comprehensive two-year programs. If you're looking to get into the profession, the Associate's of Applied Science: Business Administration or Associate's of Applied Science: Accounting Specialist programs offered at these Nebraska cities can help launch your career.

Accounting Vocational Trends are Solid
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the approximately two million people in the accounting trades worked in every industry, from agriculture, business, and finance, to technology, education, health care, manufacturing, and government. The BLS predicts a healthy, broad range of accounting opportunities in tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping.

Accounting specialist programs offered at Nebraska trade schools offer programs that prepare grads for a wide range of general duties in the vocations. This, the BLS reports, is ideally suited for opportunity as "those who can carry out a wider range of bookkeeping and accounting activities will be in greater demand than specialized clerks." Grads of certification programs will have an edge in the marketplace, according to BLS projections.

Inside Nebraska Accounting Trade Programs
Local trade schools are keeping pace with changes in the professions. For example, a school in Omaha is offering an Associate's Accounting Degree in Business Accounting Technology. The degree program introduces students to information technology and related software used in the accounting trades today. The curriculum includes classes in business law, accounting principles, tax preparation, information systems and networks, and corporate finance. The vocational program is offered over eight quarters - or two years in length.

The Associate's of Applied Science: Accounting Specialist curriculum offered in one Omaha school combines accounting theory, computing, financial record management, tax preparation, and payroll, and is offered in a 21-month program.

If accounting seems right for you, there's a trade school nearby that can prepare you to compete for a range of full and part-time opportunities right here in Nebraska.

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