The climate in Texas is ideal for HVAC jobs. Find out how to get your career education from a local vocational or technical school.

HVAC Jobs in Texas

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A job search may be focused on a short-term need, but your career plans should have a long-term strategy. Sometimes, all you have to do is take a walk outside to find inspiration. For example, if you're in Texas, at most times of the year there's a good chance that it will be hot when you step outside -- and the need for air conditioning technicians will become obvious.

More broadly, the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (popularly known by the abbreviation "HVAC") is a natural for areas such as Texas, where the climate poses a serious challenge to health and comfort. Not surprisingly, HVAC jobs are plentiful in the state, so HVAC education might be a wise career option.

HVAC Education in Texas

Currently, Texas is the leading state in the nation for HVAC jobs. This isn't surprising, considering that for much of the year, air conditioning is not a luxury: it is a survival necessity. In Houston, for example, the highs stay above 80 for six months out of the year. For three of those months, the average high is above 90 degrees.

Not only is the demand for HVAC education here to stay, but it's also the type of highly-localized service that can't be outsourced. Air conditioning equipment installation and repair are on-site jobs, which adds further stability to the occupation.

Texas HVAC Wages and Opportunities

According to national estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for HVAC jobs is $38,770. Major employers include:

  • Building equipment contractors
  • Direct selling establishments
  • Hardware and plumbing wholesalers
  • Commercial machinery repair and maintenance firms
  • Schools

Beyond these high-volume employers, there are more specialized employers such as computer and aerospace manufacturers, whose products depend on sophisticated HVAC systems. These employers offer wages well above those of typical HVAC jobs.

HVAC Certification Requirements

There are HVAC certification requirements at both the state and national level. On a national level, the Environmental Protection Agency requires HVAC certification for all technicians. In addition, there is state licensing in Texas for all individuals operating an air conditioning or refrigeration business. There are many online schools that offer HVAC certification classes that allow you to keep your current job while learning more about this vocation.

In other words, getting into the HVAC field is going to require education. However, considering the long-term, stable demand of the occupation, that's a sound investment of time and money.

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