If you're looking for a career with high job growth potential, read about these careers in health care, information technology and accounting and the vocational education you need to make it happen for you.

Spotlight on Vocational Programs for High Growth Careers

What kinds of programs are available at vocational schools?

Vocational schools offer online education for high school diplomas, postsecondary diplomas, certificates, associate degrees and bachelor's degrees in an incredible number of disciplines. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed the 30 occupations expected to have the largest job growth between 2008 and 2018. A number of the careers were in accounting, auditing, bookeeping, computer and information technology, and health care. More than half of the listed jobs required degrees or certificates that were available through vocational education.

Vocational education: health care and medical careers

The following careers from the BLS list are in health care:

  • Home health aides: This career has expected job growth of 50.01 percent. Future home health aides can work toward an HHA certificate; those paid by Medicare must complete 75 hours of training. They can also complete a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, certificate. Students receive classroom instruction plus hands-on training. Licensing requirements vary depending on state and federal regulations.
  • Personal and home care aides: Job growth is projected to be 45.99 percent. Prospective personal care assistants, or PCAs, can enroll in a certificate program and then take the Home Care Aid certification exam. Licensing requirements vary depending on state and federal regulations.
  • Medical assistants: Candidates for this career can expect 33.9 percent job growth. Medical assistant can refer to a variety of career paths including administrative medical assistant, clinical medical assistant and medical assistant for ophthalmology, optometry or podiatry. One-year certificate or diploma programs and two-year associate degree programs are the preferred vocational education for a medical assistant.
  • Registered nurses: Registered nurses most commonly obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing, or ADN, or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, or BSN, with many transitioning through ADN to BSN programs.This category is expected to see 22.2 percent job growth.
  • Licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, and and licensed vocational nurses or LVNs: Predicted to have 20.65 percent job growth, these nursing careers generally require a one-year practical training program that includes classroom instruction and clinical practice.

Vocational education: computer and information technology

Another career expected to experience significant growth, at 53.36 percent between 2008 and 2018, is that of network systems and data communications analyst. Depending on your knowledge and background and the nature of a particular career path, you may need a certificate, an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. Vocational schools offer all of these educational programs plus similar vocational education for other computer and IT-related careers.

Vocational education: bookkeeping, accounting and auditing

More and more employers are requiring at least an associate degree for the fields of accounting, auditing and bookkeeping. Job opportunities are expected to grow by 10.29 percent. However, the positions of accountants and auditors are expected to grow by 21.6 percent. However, a bachelor's degree or advanced degree are typically required for such positions.

Vocational education online can advance your career

With an online vocational education program, you can earn your associate degree and then your bachelor's degree while you're working. Having an associate degree can get your foot in the door, and holding a bacehlor's degree can bring career advancement. These in-demand careers represent only a few of the many careers that are available when you earn your certificate or degree through a vocational education program, on campus or online. Contact a vocational school in your area or online and get started on the path to a career that has significant growth potential.

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