The aviation industry has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years, thanks to technological advances. Want to get in on it?

The Friendly Skies: Study Aviation in Alaska

There was a time when flying an airplane was a privilege reserved for only the wealthiest of Americans. However, these days, the aviation industry offers cheap flights for just about anywhere in the world. If you've always been interested in airplanes but don't have the time or resources for flight school, now is a great time to study aviation mechanics--and believe it or not, Alaska is a great place to do it.

What's Next for the Aviation Industry?
To meet the growing demands of a travel-hungry populace, the aviation industry has had to make some fairly dramatic changes. Not only are there more flights to more destinations than ever before, but many airlines have had to enlarge the size of their aircrafts. The Airbus 380 is a prime example; according to the company's Web site, this behemoth can hold well over 550 passengers at any given time.

Aircraft Jobs Aplenty
What all these advances mean is that there will be plenty of aircraft jobs in the coming years. There are numerous aircraft jobs for which you might qualify, with the right training:

  • Aim to become a flight attendant who ensures that everyone has an enjoyable and comfortable flight.
  • Train to become an aircraft mechanic who keeps the airplane in proper working order.
  • Work to become an air-traffic controller who coordinates flight plans, schedules, and departures.

Aviation in Alaska
For all of the above aircraft jobs, you'll need some type of training and certification. Alaska, with its stunning physical beauty and remote location, offers a variety of opportunities for education and experience. Thanks to its rugged terrain, much of the state is best accessed by plane, which means that there are small airports aplenty. Anchorage, population 260,000 offers all the amenities of a big city, with access to the natural wonders that make Alaska a tourist destination (and major service-industry employer).

Securing an aviation education has never been easier, thanks to online schools and FAA-approved programs. Given the explosive growth that the aviation industry has enjoyed in recent years, it should be pretty clear that now is the perfect time to train yourself for the aircraft jobs of tomorrow.

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