For Maryland residents in middle management, an executive graduate certificate in business administration can boost your business career.

Climb the Financial Management Ladder in Maryland

Today's rapid increases in technology, competitive business environments, and changing federal regulations all present new challenges to businesses. In Maryland, on today's corporate ladder, you have to keep up to climb up. Formal business training with an acquisition emphasis is an excellent first step. Here's why you should pursue an executive graduate certificate in business administration in Maryland.

As national and international businesses expand, companies need experts in contract negotiations, mergers, and acquisitions. As they begin to outsource this kind of work to trained professionals, the game gets more competitive. Want to make yourself indispensable? A graduate certificate in business administration could upgrade your current business career.

Financial Management Prospects
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of financial managers will grow about as fast as average through 2014. Candidates with special training in mergers, acquisitions, and contract negotiations have the best chances of employment. As with many business careers, the long hours yield high rewards. As of 2004, median annual salaries in financial management were $81,880.

Chief financial officers, who direct a company's financial goals, earn even higher salaries. As top executives, CFOs are among the nation's highest earners, and generally have extensive training in business administration. Many pursue training with an acquisitions emphasis, since they must arrange mergers and acquisitions in addition to managing budgets, investments, and financial risks.

Why Maryland?
Financial companies love Maryland for many reasons:

  • Competitive real estate
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Proximity to three international airports
  • Highly educated workforce
  • Lower share of state and local taxes

With all these advantages at their disposal, big financial players like Allstate, GEICO, Bank of America, Chevy Chase Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, T. Rowe Price, and Wachovia Bank do business here.

Educational Opportunities
With such a high number of college graduates competing for positions, Maryland residents can't afford to skip a business education. Many Maryland business schools offer associate's and bachelor's degrees in the field. Students examine actual case studies, conduct legal research, learn current laws, and hone their acquisition management skills. If you want to propel your business career forward, consider Maryland the ideal place to live and learn.

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