Ohio, one of the nation's fastest growing information technology centers, is experiencing tremendous growth among computer programming jobs. That means that now's the perfect time to enroll in one of the state's technical schools.

Computer Programming in Ohio

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Computer programming professionals write, test, and maintain detailed instructions that enable computers to do their work. Using any one of the many computer programming languages -- a few of which include Java, C++, or COBOL -- programmers tell computers what to do, how to do it, and what equipment to use. They may also update, repair, modify, or expand existing programs. And because technology is constantly evolving, they're always working to program computers more efficiently and accurately.

Computer programming schools and programs

This is also why computer programming professionals with formal, up-to-date education from technical schools are heavily sought after by employers. A computer programming degree provides education in the many different languages that computers speak, as well as the logistics of administering and managing a computer networking system. Upon graduation from technical school, graduates may also go on to work as applications developers, network administrators, or information technology specialists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that median annual earnings for computer programmers in 2004 were $62,890. Now that's a language that's easy to speak.

IT industry in Ohio

The High Tech Ohio initiative was formed more than a decade ago, to showcase the many technological resources that southeastern Ohio has to offer, while also helping to stimulate growth in the industry. According to research compiled by High Tech Ohio, the state has plenty of assets. The seven fastest growing occupations in Ohio are computer-related; these include network/computer systems administrators, database administrators, network systems/data communication analysts, and computer software engineers. These are all jobs for which those trained in computer programming are qualified.

Many of the world's corporations have embraced Ohio as a center for information technology activity. For example, Citigroup Inc. announced that it would build an information technology center in the Cincinnati area that will ultimately bring more than 1,000 new jobs for software developers and other IT specialists. And according to the Cincinnati Business Courier, not only is Dayton the 7th largest information technology area in the country, but Ohio's overall job growth ranked third in the nation. In fact, the Dayton area is ranked 18th among U.S. metropolitan areas in terms of IT job growth.

Computer programming is a highly competitive field. Those with a degree from a technical school, which provide education in the latest technology, will have the advantage. So for the greatest opportunities in computer programming, starting with an education at a technical school in Ohio is a smart choice.

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