Completing an Iowa vocational school program in computer-aided drafting technology is a great way to embark on a successful career.

Building a Great Career: CAD Technology & Manufacturing in Iowa

Manufacturing is Iowa's number one industry, contributing $19 billion annually to the state's economy and employing more than 265,000 Iowans. For manufacturing career opportunities, look no further than Iowa.

More than 6,300 manufacturers--including John Deere, Winnebago, Pella, and Alcoa--are located in Iowa. That's because the state offers tremendous benefits:

  • Exemption from property and sales and use taxes for manufacturing machinery, equipment, and computers
  • No sales tax on electricity and natural gas for manufacturers, or on interstate and international telecommunications
  • No personal property (inventory) tax
  • Property tax exemptions for the construction of manufacturing and distribution facilities
  • The U.S. Census Bureau says that Iowa enjoys the 8th-shortest commute times and the 11th lowest housing costs in the country

The best place for a manufacturing career is Iowa, and the way to begin is with a computer-aided drafting technology degree from one of its vocational schools.

Why Computer-Aided Drafting Technology?
A computer-aided drafting (CAD) technology program provides you with a strong background in project management and 3-D design for mechanical, architectural, or engineering jobs. Draftsmen and -women prepare technical drawings that aid in building everything from industrial machinery to cars, buildings, and even pipelines.

Computer-aided drafting jobs may be electrical, in which you prepare wiring and layout diagrams. They might also involve electronics work, which includes circuit board assembly diagrams for the manufacture of electronics, or mechanical drafting, showing the detail and assembly of machinery.

In short, manufacturers of anything from toys to tractors rely on people with computer-aided drafting degrees to prepare detailed drawings before they begin work. So a vocational school program in computer-aided drafting technology will give you a great head start for a manufacturing career in Iowa.

Inside Computer-Aided Drafting Jobs
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), drafting jobs involve working with engineers, architects, industrial designers, and clients to determine each project's specifications, then using a CAD program to prepare the drawings. So not only do you need to understand CAD, you'll need the skills in design and business communications provided by a standard formal training program.

The BLS says that you'll have much better prospects for securing computer-aided drafting jobs with formal training, and 2004's median annual salary for mechanical drafting jobs was a healthy $43,000.

So begin your vocational school training in computer-aided drafting technology in Iowa, and get ready for a successful manufacturing career.

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