This year, Texas officially surpassed California as the home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters than any other state.

Texas Means Business

This year, Texas officially surpassed California as the home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters than any other state. Texas has the nation's second highest gross state product, and some of the nation's fastest job growth.

Texas is also the largest international exporter in the U.S. Houston, was ranked by Forbes as the 3rd Best Place for Business and Careers in the country in 2006. And Business 2.0 calls Austin one of the country's Top Ten Cities for Job Growth, thanks to major employers like Dell, Inc., IBM Corp., Hoover's Inc., National Instruments Corp., and Whole Foods Market Inc.

Major corporations around the country are beginning to recognize Texas as an important business center. J.C. Penney has decided to open four of its 20 new stores in Texas, and Tiffany & Co. has chosen Austin as the home of its new store, which will open in 2007.

For all these reasons, Texas might be the perfect place to earn a degree in business administration.

What Can a Business Administration Degree Do For You?
At colleges in Texas, the associate in computer information systems is designed for those with little or no computer information systems experience, to prepare them for a wide range of entry-level high-tech careers in computer support, networking, database management and web development. You'll learn to maintain, monitor and repair computer systems, operate software, design web pages, maintain databases, design and maintain networks, and understand wireless technology. You'll also gain many valuable communication and business skills. Your course work will also prepare you to take certification exams, such as CompTIA.

A Career in Ones and Zeros
According to the College Board, a degree in business administration prepares you for work in the corporate world, government, or with a nonprofit. With an associate degree in business administration, you could become a bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerk; or perhaps you could work as an administrative assistant, a market researcher or a sales representative. With a bachelor's degree in business administration, you could become an accountant or auditor, an administrative services manager, a product manager, or a public relations representative. A business administration degree is a great way to gain a broad range of skills in communication, organization, management, technology, and teamwork.

If a competitive salary interests you, a business administration degree can help. Although your degree qualifies you to work in any number of fields, a sample of possible careers reveals promising potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that median earnings for bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks in 2004 were $28,570, and that this occupation's large size offers plentiful job openings. Accountants and auditors should expect faster than average job growth, and a median annual salary of more than $50,000. For administrative service managers -- a position which generally requires a bachelor's degree in business administration -- the median salary in 2004 was $60,290.

Doing Business in Texas Along with remarkable career opportunities for business administration graduates, Texas has no state income tax and a low cost of living, making it ideal for those fresh out of college. So look into earning your business administration degree in Texas today, and take your first step toward a high-paying career and a rich quality of life.

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