Arizona is becoming a hot spot for motorcycle enthusiasts--and where there are motorcycles, there are motorcycle technician jobs.

Arizona Motorcycle Technician Careers

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As gas prices ebb and flow, many drivers are realizing the easy-rider dreams of yesteryear. With motorcycles and scooters more popular than ever in the Grand Canyon State, opportunities abound for motorcycle technician education.

Why become a motorcycle tech in Arizona?

Now the fastest growing state in the country, Arizona has attracted many "sunbird" Baby Boomers with year-round motorcycle weather and miles of beautiful scenery. Motorcycling is an increasingly popular recreational activity in Arizona, with plenty of national parks and long stretches of road to tear through. When you imagine the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, or the longest original stretch of Route 66 seen from the saddle of your chopper, you'll know why Arizona is a biker's paradise.

Motorcycle technician education

Most motorcycle technicians learn their trade through on-the-job education as an apprentice or entry-level employee. Some also may earn a degree or certification from an auto-mechanic school. Employers need applicants with formal career education. Available at many Arizona vocational schools, motorcycle technician programs provide hands-on education in repairing and analyzing engines, suspensions, transmissions, and other elements of a working bike.

In addition to proficiency with basic hand tools, you'll learn to use sophisticated diagnostic equipment, and to troubleshoot problems with information technology. Since more and more motorcycles incorporate computers, vocational schools can prepare you for the continuing evolution of motorcycle technology.

How to become a motorcycle technician

You might find a return to vocational school to keep your technical education up to date could be useful. Some use continuing education programs to pursue specialty technician education in specific fields, including:

  • Racing bikes
  • Street bikes
  • Dirt bikes
  • Brand name specialties

With dealerships supplying the majority of motorcycle technician jobs (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), specialty education in brand name bikes could prove lucrative. As of 2004, median hourly earnings for motorcycle technicians were $13.70. The top 10 percent made almost $22.00 an hour.

Like a motorcycle, the kind of boost you get from your job depends on what you put into it. If you're looking for a turbo-charged career as a motorcycle technician, Arizona has the right weather, scenery, and vocational schools you'll need to get your motor started!

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