Welding Schools in Welding Schools in Arizona, Arizona

Welding schools in Arizona offer students the specialized education they need to work in the state's large construction industry. Arizona's construction industry employs about 243,400 workers statewide, particularly in high-growth areas such as Phoenix.

Arizona Welding Jobs

Depending on their level of career education and experience, welders enjoy a wide salary range in Arizona. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in Phoenix, entry-level welders earn $30,490 on average. More experienced welders in the area can earn anywhere between $37,400 and $49,200. While the slowing housing market could mean fewer home-building construction jobs, welding jobs may still be found in infrastructure, public-works projects, and schools. Welding jobs in the home-building construction industry will likely increase with the next housing market spike in large cities like Phoenix and Tucson.

Vocational Schools in Welding Schools in Arizona, Arizona