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Experts Speak Up About Trade School Benefits

Trade schools, also known as vocational schools, offer specialized programs for those who want to dive headlong into a new career. And they may even have benefits that outweigh those of a four-year college.

You Can Do It: Career Advice From Women In The Skilled Trades

Forget all about "men at work" when it comes to blue collar jobs. While men still hold the majority of jobs in the skilled trades, women are making strides in these solid careers. Meet some women breaking ground in the skilled trades and learn what advice they have for women looking to join their ranks.

Why Middle-Skill Careers Are Hot Right Now

Middle-skill jobs are gaining notoriety as an appreciation for practical skills gains steam. Learn why technical and vocational programs are becoming popular choices for career training.

Women in Skilled Trades: 5 Surprising Facts

Traditionally, the skilled trades haven't employed many women. But women who have worked in skilled trades such as plumbing and welding have some incredible stories. Learn surprising facts about women in the skilled trades and how today's blue collar women continue to defy expectations.

Career Match: 7 Great Gigs for Introverts

Introverts may bring a lot to almost any job, but some careers appeal more to their personalities than others. Read on to learn more.

5 Crucial Veteran Employment Programs

Veterans have a wealth of opportunities to enter the civilian workforce upon discharge from military service. In addition to veteran's benefit programs such as the Montgomery GI Bill, there are other government and private programs designed to help veterans build their vocational and job-seeking skills.

6 Strategies to Getting Your First Job in a Skilled Construction Trade

Some people start on the ground floor in construction trades and work their way up to journeyman status. Others enroll in construction trade school to build the skills they need to succeed. Following these six steps can increase your chances of breaking into the construction trades at better-than-average wages.

No bachelor's degree? No problem! 7 great jobs that require associate degrees or less

Think you need a four-year degree to be successful in today's workforce? Think again. Here are just 8 of the many, many good jobs that require an associate degree -- or less.

4 Steps to Evaluating a Technical Training Program

Choosing a technical or vocational program depends on many factors. Educational format, accreditation, curriculum, and career placement are all important to consider. One thing you can control regardless of the institution you choose is how much effort you put in.

Pathway to the Middle Class: Vocational Careers Earning 50K

Vocational careers are making a comeback -- or perhaps they never left. Learn more about sometimes-overlooked vocational careers and how they can offer a solid living for those who would rather not attend a four-year college.

Is Welding the Next Career Boom?

Reports are surfacing about a possible shortage of welding jobs in the U.S., and administrators at schools with welding programs need more students to meet the demand. Could a welding career be the right next step for you?

How Minnesota is Addressing Its Vocational Education Shortage

Businesses and students are clamoring for better vocational training, but budget cuts and federal mandates prompt vocational cutbacks.

5 Simple Tips for Better Public Speaking

Honing your communication skills can help you succeed in your job search and in your vocational career. Here are 5 simple ways to pump up your power of persuasion, enhance your explanations, and sharpen those public speaking skills.

How do you know if a vocational career path is right for you?

A bachelor's degree is often touted as the ticket to career success, but vocational training is increasingly the right choice for many job seekers.

Why Trade Schools Are Becoming a More Viable Choice for Students

Although traditionally seen as a last resort, enrolling in trade school is increasingly becoming a viable option for students.

Do you have the qualities of a good medical assistant?

Working as a medical assistant requires much more than what you learn in a classroom. These top traits of a medical assistant are necessary in order to take charge and make the medical assistant position a fulfilling one.

Vocational Education: Preparing Workers for the Job Market of the Future

A vocational education might be the key to a career in one of the fastest growing industries currently out there. Read more about vocational education and the types of careers it can lead to.

5 Important Characteristics of a Dental Assistant

To become a good dental assistant, there are a number of traits you should possess. Here are just five of those characteristics.

4 Myths of Vocational School Debunked

Vocational school is not for people who can't cut it in a traditional learning environment. It's time common myths about vocational schools are debunked.

Physician's assistant versus medical assistant: Yes, there is a difference

Even though both careers may sound similar, there is actually quite a difference between a career as a physician's assistant and as a medical assistant. Take all the factors into consideration before deciding on a program that is right for you.

How to Get Your First Medical Assistant Job

Most employers want experienced workers, but even recent graduates can show they have the skills to qualify for their first medical assistant job.

Drawing the Map of Your Career: The Basics of Career Planning

Career mapping can give you a clear picture of the road you need to travel to success.

The Two-Year Move to Advancing Your Career

There are some vocational professions that may only require a two-year program to make that vertical career move. Here are some two-year moves, along with salary, education and job growth info provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The Rise of Vocational Degrees

As the shortage of skilled labor persists, the traditional four-year college degree is proving to be ineffective for some people. Tamar Jacoby of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "More Americans attend college today than ever before: this year, 42% of young people 18 to 24 years old.

Beating the averages: When vocational training tops a 4-year degree

Despite figures that show the benefits of 4-year degrees, vocational training might be more rewarding in many cases.

Working outside the box

Gone are the days when people were given a single purpose for their skills and stuck to it like factory machines. Learn how you can find your transferable work skills and make the sort of career connections that can beef up your employability.

Should Vocational Schools Teach Entrepreneurship?

Skills learned in vocational schools can transfer easily into an entrepreneurial setting. However, students are coming up short when it comes to starting their own businesses. Maybe it's time for vocational schools to teach entrepreneurship in order to better prepare their students.

Where did all the machinists go?

Certain type of machinists are in high demand. Learn what machines need skilled operators and how to secure one of these highly sought-after jobs.

Vocational Rehabilitation History and Careers

Vocational rehabilitation helps disabled individuals to secure meaningful work. Rehabilitation counselors provide these services. Learn the history of vocational rehabilitation and how to become a rehabilitation counselor.

Rock a career as a video game designer

Does video game design seem like a dream job? There are plenty of degree programs that can turn a video game guru into a video game creator.

Why are welders disappearing?

Welders might seem to be disappearing, but there are still jobs out there for those who have gone through skilled welder training.

How to become a welder

The art of welding involves taking a variety of metal pieces and using heat and other means to create something useful. Welders work in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, and repair. Highly skilled welders are in demand and may be able to find jobs in several industries.

Obscure careers: Metallurgist

Metallurgists know all about metals, from how to smelt them to the production of modern alloys, but metallurgists are also obscure. Few know what they are, what they do, and why they do it. Find out what it takes to become a metallurgist and how this obscure career can affect our daily lives.

What You Need to Know About Vocational School Applications

Once you've decided to pursue a vocational education, you need to research your options and make sure you meet the application requirements. Find out more about how to apply to vocational schools.

Five Vocational School Myths: Busted!

Even in the face of evidence to the contrary, myths about vocational education still persist. Read these five myths about vocational schools and then discover the truth.

Accreditation: What it is and Why It Matters to You

Vocational school accreditation can make or break a graduate's prospects for employment or to transfer credits to another school. Check accreditation of all vocational schools before you apply.

The 10 Good-Paying Careers for Vocational School Grads

Vocational school training can take you to a steady career with salary prospects that could reach six figures. This list includes employment projections, salary ranges and training or degree requirements.

Five Popular Cities for Vocational Students

Many cities offer a large number of vocational schools. Read on to discover five cities that could provide a vocational education for you.

Which Hot Health-Care Career Is for You?

Medical assistants, LPNs and RNs all work in the health care field, but their responsibilities and wages can vary. Read on for more.

Getting a Certificate vs. an Associate Degree

Before looking at vocational schools, you need to decide whether you should earn a certificate or an associate degree. Asking yourself these three questions can help you decide.

10 Most Popular Vocational Programs

Vocational certificate and training programs are available both online and on campus to help you prepare for a number of different careers that are in high demand and have earnings potential. Here are 10 vocational programs with a number of career choices.

Nursing's New Mission: Transitional Care Nurses Work to Improve Quality of Care

The Transitional Care Model is a philosophy that focuses on the roles of transitional care nurses and nurse scientists in improving patient quality of life.

"Modernist Cuisine": Tech Innovator's Passion for Food and Science Becomes a Revolutionary Book

The new "Modernist Cuisine" may very well transform how we prepare, cook and eat food - from high-end restaurants to home kitchens. Loosely interpreted as a "cookbook," the 2,400-page, six-volume behemoth is likely to change the culinary landscape forever.

Spotlight on Vocational Programs for High Growth Careers

If you're looking for a career with high job growth potential, read about these careers in health care, information technology and accounting and the vocational education you need to make it happen for you.

5 Questions to Ask When Picking a Vocational Education Program:

If you're wondering how to choose between one vocational education program and another and what you should know about choosing the right vocational school, there are important questions to answer regarding accreditation, career placement and more.

Explore Vocational Schools to Find Which Program Is Right for You

Before deciding what vocational school is right for you, make some decisions about the career you want and the good educational path to take you there.

Choosing a New Career: Is Vocational School the Right Choice?

Support for vocational education is increasing as the U.S. economy demands an appropriately skilled workforce. Whether you want to try a new career, are currently unemployed and need retraining or want a retirement job or second career, vocational schools can provide the training you need to succeed.

Community College and Vocational Schools Give a Green Light to Training Environmental Managers

Green at the forefront: Community colleges and vocational schools train students in green managerial programs for high-demand environmentally-driven careers.

Vocational Education Offers Students Another Path to Career Success

A two-year study by the Harvard University Graduate School of Education contends that students need more paths to career success for a smooth transition into the work world.

Preparing for Job Growth as a Cosmetologist, Barber, or Beauty Professional

Completing your training at a trade school can be a great way to begin your career as a cosmetologist, barber, or beauty professional, and prepare for job growth that is predicted to be higher than average.

California Cool: Interior Design Jobs in the Golden State

California leads the nation in interior design jobs. Here's how to get the career training you need to succeed in this dynamic industry.

Hot Jobs for a Hot Climate: HVAC Jobs in Texas

The climate in Texas is ideal for HVAC jobs. Find out how to get your career training from a local vocational or technical school.

Job Growth in Massachusetts Sparks Demand for Electrical Engineering Degrees

Massachusetts has one of the hottest markets in the country for electrical engineering jobs. Here's how to get one.

Cooking Up a Culinary Career in New York

Information Technology Careers Thrive in Idaho

What better place to earn your AOS in computer technology and networking than Idaho--home of the most patents per capita in the nation?

A Good Prognosis for North Carolina Biotech Careers

With the third largest biotechnology industry in the country, North Carolina is the place to earn a degree in medical imaging equipment technology.

The Life of a Wisconsin Paralegal

In Wisconsin, paralegal and legal assistants are in high demand as law offices shift the heavy research load from attorneys to their support staffs.

Climb the Financial Management Ladder in Maryland

For Maryland residents in middle management, an executive graduate certificate in business administration can boost your business career.

Studying the Automotive Trades in California

With so many vehicles in need of routine service and maintenance in the Golden State, California needs automotive service and repair technicians.

Try Illinois for a Healthcare Degree--and a Great Career

All over Illinois, healthcare professionals need qualified office and clinical staff. That's where you come in.

Sparking Up Your Electrical Career in California

Electrical systems installation and maintenance workers have a bright future in California. Here's why.

Building a Great Career: CAD Technology & Manufacturing in Iowa

Completing an Iowa vocational school program in computer-aided drafting technology is a great way to embark on a successful career.

Get Your Motor Running: Arizona Motorcycle Technician Careers

Arizona is becoming a hot spot for motorcycle enthusiasts--and where there are motorcycles, there are motorcycle technician jobs.

Aircraft Maintenance Careers Take Flight in Massachusetts

Vocational and technical schools in Massachusetts can prepare you for a satisfying, in-demand career as an aircraft maintenance technician.

Fashion Careers Take Shape in Colorado

Build yourself a dynamic career in fashion merchandising with a degree from one of Colorado's vocational or technical schools.

Florida is Your Partner in Criminal Investigations Training

Homeland security job growth in Florida is among the well known in the nation. Begin your criminal investigations training at a Florida vocational school.

HVAC Specialists Meet Nevada Climate Control Needs

Rapid development in Nevada's harsh desert means career opportunities for HVAC specialists. You can complete HVAC training within a couple of years.

Medical Science Calls Minnesota Home

Medical scientists develop new treatments for disease and injury every day. And it's likely that many of them came from Minnesota.

Get a Taste of Culinary Career Success in Nevada

With a record number of tourists and the fastest restaurant job growth in the country, Nevada is a great state in which to begin a culinary career.

Utah Vocational Programs Groom New Paralegals

Paralegals and legal assistants are finding new positions in law offices throughout Utah. Here's how you can get career training for this exciting profession.

Get Lots of Green with an Accounting Career in Oregon

In Oregon, an internationally recognized leader in environmental policy, an accounting/business administration degree can not only lead to an in-demand career, but with it you can help protect the earth.

Ready to Advance Your Career? Utah Medical Trade Schools Offer Technical Skills

With plenty of locations throughout Utah, medical technical schools can prepare you for a new, rewarding healthcare career.

Illinois Automotive Vocational Schools Jump-Start Careers

In Illinois, there are hands-on trade schools that can shift your automotive career into high gear.

Get HVAC Training in Nebraska for a Career That's Hot

Nebraska's HVAC technical and trade schools can jumpstart a rewarding, lifelong vocation in the field.

Get Your Game On in Illinois

The multi-billion-dollar video game industry is the fastest-growing segment of the entertainment market. Now is a great time to begin your game software development training.

An AOS in Medical Specialties in Utah

you can prepare for several of the country's fastest-growing healthcare careers by earning just one associate's degree in medical specialties. Consider studying in one of the nation's healthcare hotspots: Utah.

Your Career Insurance: California's Health Care Industry Braces for Change

California, which has the nation's highest percentage of uninsured residents, is preparing to take radical steps to insure its residents. Its health care industry will depend heavily on qualified health claims examiners and medical billers.

The Swirling Legal Storm in Louisiana

In post-Katrina Louisiana, those with criminal justice degrees should find plenty of career opportunities helping to rebuild the state's legal system.

Pennsylvania IT Students Prepare for Fast-Growing Technical Jobs

Pennsylvania technical schools offer a wide range of in-demand IT degree programs that prepare graduates for fast-growing jobs in the computer field.

Attend Fashion Trade Schools in the Heart of the Industry

If you're considering attending a trade or technical school to start your career in the fashion design field, it just makes sense to study in New York.

Arkansas Medical Trade Schools Prepare In-Demand Healthcare Workers

Healthcare jobs are the fastest-growing in the country. Arkansas medical trade schools can prepare you for work in the field in as little as eight months.

Bismarck, ND Jumpstarts Hospitality Careers

Online degree programs in travel and hospitality help Bismarck, ND's work force develop powerful job skills.

Enjoy Career Flexibility as a Medical aide in Arkansas

There is a great demand for healthcare support personnel all over the country. Check out Arkansas's medical assisting opportunities.

Why Study Information Technology in Arizona?

The information technology industry has more computing jobs than it has people. This can mean a lucrative career for you.

New York Chefs Forced to Get Creative without Trans Fats

New York recently banned the use of trans fats in restaurants. If you're considering culinary school, you could be just in time for the food revolution.

Build an Architecture Career in Georgia

Earn an associate degree in CAD/architectural drafting in Atlanta, Georgia, home to several historically significant pieces of architecture.

New Mexico Trade Schools Open for Business

New Mexico's trade and vocational schools offer business degrees for those who want to advance in their professions.

The Friendly Skies: Study Aviation in Alaska

The aviation industry has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years, thanks to technological advances. Want to get in on it?

Heat Up Your Career with Alabama HVAC Training

Licensed electricians will find lots of work this winter helping homeowners optimize their HVAC systems, even in the sunny South.

California Trade Schools Train New Generation of Aircraft Mechanics

With 160 working airports from San Diego to the Oregon border, California-based aircraft mechanics stay busy.

Graphic Design in Wyoming? WY Not?

You already know that Wyoming boasts spectacular scenery--from Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Tetons--but it boasts something else, too.

Washington's Trade Schools Prepare Fashion Designers, Merchandisers

The Pacific Northwest is not just about Gore-Tex jackets and plaid shirts.

Fishing for Answers: A Culinary Management Degree in California

Did you know that in the United States, two-thirds of all seafood reaches the consumer through restaurants?

Missouri's HVAC Trade Schools Prepare Tomorrow's Professionals

If you're looking for long-term job security in a fast-growing profession, Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) trade schools in Missouri can speed you into the workplace.

Virginia Culinary Trade Schools Meet Growing Demands for Professionals

There are more than 12,000 eating and drinking establishments in Virginia--and that's not counting food service in fine hotels, cruise ships, and resorts.

Boomers Are Redesigning Their Lives in California

Some call it the "empty-nester syndrome." The Baby Boomers have raised their families, built successful careers, and have begun watching their kids go off to college and launch careers of their own.

Kansas Medical Coding Degrees Fit the Bill

Healthcare professions across the nation are experiencing rapid growth--which means they're also feeling the growing pains from a critical shortage of qualified workers.

Plumbing Technology Keeps Pace in California

If you don't believe that there's a shortage of qualified plumbers in California, try getting one on a busy weekend!

See the Light in Oklahoma

In the beautiful rolling hills and open plains of Oklahoma, buffalo aren't the only ones thriving.

Computer Programming is a Language Spoken Fluently in Ohio

It's easy to take your computer for granted. After all, it probably only took seconds for you to end up here, reading this article.

Start Your Engine with Automotive Training in North Carolina

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) began as regional racing in the Deep South.

Hawaii's International Business Climate is Sunny, Too!

It may not surprise you to learn that businesses, both domestic and foreign, find Hawaii attractive - but it may surprise you to learn that excellent weather isn't why.

Accounting in the Corn Belt

Business career trends may come and go, but professionals in the accounting vocations are rarely strapped for an abundance of job openings.

Business Trades and Vocations, Aloha Style

Hawaii has a diversity of culture practically unmatched in the continental United States.

Tennessee Enjoys its Healthy Reputation

When Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen unveiled his Cover Tennessee plan to provide affordable, portable health insurance to uninsured residents.

Colorado Automotive Technical Schools Revving Up

Conventional wrench spinners have gone the way of the Model T.

Texas Means Business

This year, Texas officially surpassed California as the home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters than any other state.

High Tech is Tops in Georgia

A report released this year by AeA (formerly the American Electronics Association) indicates that Georgia is ranked 11th nationally for its number of high tech workers, and 10th for its number of high tech establishments.

Michigan's Healthcare Vocations Are Hiring

America's healthcare professions comprise the fastest-growing vocational sector in the country.

Arizona Culinary Schools Are Really Cooking

Arizona is home to the gila monster, saguaro cactus, red-rock canyons -- and host to a rich culinary tradition and trade schools that offer classical cooking training.

South Dakota Medical Assistants Profit from Vocational Certifications

Medical assistants belong to one of the nation's fastest-growing vocational groups, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Relax - You've Got a Massage Therapy Career Ahead of You in Florida

There are more than 12,000 spas across the country, according to the International Spa Association.

Iowa Paralegals Assume Vocational Courtroom Responsibilities

The employment of paralegals is expected to grow faster than the average of all other professions through the end of the decade and beyond.

Steer Your Way to a Career in Automotive Technology

Each year, this country needs another 35,000 new automotive service technicians to fill new jobs.

Ohio Technical Schools Specialize in Graphic Design Training

Graphic designers with a technical focus on the Internet may have the good opportunities for jobs within the design professions, according to federal vocational projections.

Attending Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Vocational Schools in Kansas

To meet the needs of a busy industry, Kansas vocational and technical schools are offering state-of-the-art training programs in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

Get Graphic in Colorado!

Is there an artist in you that's waiting to get out? This might mean there's an exciting and lucrative career ahead of you.

Criminal Justice: Career Choices for an Unsafe World

The events of September 11, 2001 forever changed America.

Culinary Training Programs Feed the New York Dining Industry

You won't go hungry in New York. More than 8 million people live in this city of more than 18,000 restaurants.

Healthy Prospects for Medical Assistants in Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has the 17th largest economy in the world, and the third most vibrant biosciences cluster in America.

Make it Legal in Georgia: Paralegal Training in the Peach State

One of the country's fastest growing, and most exciting career fields is law.

Texas Healthcare Professions Need Trained Workers

More healthcare jobs will be created between today and 2014 than in any other American career group.

Pennsylvania Schools Rush Paralegals to the Courtroom

Behind every successful lawyer there's a support team of partners, law secretaries, researchers, and paralegals.

Culinary Arts? California Can Dish it Out

In 2005, the California Restaurant Association projected that the economic impact of restaurant sales that year would be a whopping $103 billion.

Criminal Justice Training in Utah

In our dangerous post-911 world, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are on the lookout -- for qualified graduates of criminal justice programs.

Nevada Needs a Healthy Dose of Pharmacy Technicians

According to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Nevada is the fastest growing state in the nation.

Exploring Washington State Culinary Training

What's cooking? Your career in the culinary arts in Washington State!

Perfect Timing for California HVAC Training

Could there be a better time to enter the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professions in California?

Legal and Criminal Justice Careers

With the legal system playing an integral role in the daily proceedings of our society, it's no wonder that there is such a strong demand for law professionals in every sector.

Becoming a Paralegal and Legal Assistant

With the legal system playing an integral role in the daily proceedings of our society, it's no wonder that there is such a strong demand for criminal justice and law professionals in every sector.

Capturing a Culinary Career

Because food is a staple item, careers in the culinary industry are among the most stable jobs in the country.

Careers in Information Technology

Careers in information technology (IT) and the computer industry are among the fastest growing jobs today.

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Video Game Industry

The world of video game design is a growing industry with many attractive career options.

Getting a Well-Compensated Career in Business

Training for a business degree can open up a variety of career options, prepare you to run your own small business, or provide you with the skills to manage a non-profit organization.

Degree Programs for the Fastest-Growing Healthcare Careers

Not only do healthcare jobs comprise the fastest-growing employment sector in the nation, but estimates predict that they will continue to boom beyond the end of the decade.

Hot Jobs in the Automotive Industry

Do your friends come to you for advice on oil changes and fluid leaks? Is your garage papered with the four-wheeled centerfolds from Car and Driver?

The Benefits of Getting a High School Diploma

Though high school might seem like kid's stuff to adults in the working world, a high school diploma can make a huge difference in your salary, as well as the stability of your job in the future.

Overview of Different Skilled Trade Jobs

The National Association for Business Economics polled 103 corporate planners and financial analysts to find that approximately one-third of their companies are experiencing difficulty hiring skilled workers.

Why Get a Job in the Design Industry?

The graphic and interior design industries are multi-faceted and rife with job opportunities to match your skill set and background.