It may not surprise you to learn that businesses, both domestic and foreign, find Hawaii attractive - but it may surprise you to learn that excellent weather isn't why.

Hawaii's International Business Climate is Sunny, Too!

It may not surprise you to learn that businesses, both domestic and foreign, find Hawaii attractive -- but it may surprise you to learn that excellent weather isn't why.

Hawaii's location, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, makes good business sense. It enables companies to communicate with both Asia and the east coast of the United States on the same business day. This unique time zone advantage gives Hawaii an edge. Considering that running a successful business today means competing globally, it pays to compete from Hawaii.

Not only that, but Hawaii's state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure offers a significant high tech advantage, and makes e-commerce on a large scale possible. The state's multi-lingual workforce (approximately 50 percent of the population hails from Asia) is attractive to those looking for a diverse workforce. Plus, the Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone lies outside U.S. Customs territory, which helps companies engaging in international trade to reduce operating costs.

For all these reasons, many businesses find Hawaii very attractive. And these companies rely on employees with international business degrees.

What an A.A.S. in International Business Can Do For You
An associate of applied science (A.A.S.) degree in international business prepares students for the exchange of goods and services around the world. This international business degree program focuses on software applications, which includes automated accounting, e-commerce, and even web page development.

Ultimately, the goal of the A.A.S. in international business is to prepare students for entry-level positions in fields ranging from tourism to finance, marketing to importing and exporting. As technology continues to make our world seem smaller, graduates of this program will be instrumental in bridging the gaps between languages and cultures to effectively conduct business.

Endless Possibilities
This international business degree from Hawaii will offer you more career opportunities than you could imagine.

If you speak more than one language, you might become an interpreter or translator. These professionals relay concepts and ideas between languages, with an eye toward cultural understanding. These jobs are expected to increase faster than average through 2014, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and their median annual earnings in 2004 were $16.28 per hour.

A sales representative who works in wholesale and manufacturing, particularly with technical or scientific products, with an A.A.S. in international business, could go far in helping a company to market and sell more effectively abroad. These professionals earned a median annual salary of $58,580 in 2004, not including commissions.

With this international business degree, the career possibilities are endless -- especially as e-commerce continues to make its footprint on the business landscape.

And the best part is that if you earn an A.A.S. in international business in Hawaii, both your career prospects and your weather will almost always be beautiful.

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